These are replacement bearings for all Profile Racing and Madera hub cassette drivers. They are sealed and self-lubricating.

There are two different bearings used in the cassette hub drivers:

A. 6802 (15MM ID x 24MM OD x 5MM W)

B. 6902 (15MM ID x 28MM OD x 7MM W)

Some drivers use all the same type of bearings and others use a combination. Following is a guide of what bearings are in different cassette drivers.

-Profile Racing Mini, Totem or Madera cassette hub drivers-Use four 6802 bearings.

-All Profile Racing Elite Single Speed(splined, 9t, 10t) cassette hub drivers-Use two 6802 bearings & one 6902 bearing.

-Profile Racing Elite Splined MTB/Road/CX  9-10-11 SPD cassette hub drivers-Use two 6902 bearings.

-Profile Racing Elite XX1 MTB/Road/CX  9-10-11 SPD  and Classic Splined MTB 9-10-11 SPD cassette hub drivers-Use two 6802 bearings & one 6902 bearing.

-Bearing seal color subject to change without notice.

-Bearings sold individually.

Brand Profile Racing
Shipping Weight 0.0200kg
Shipping Width 0.010m
Shipping Height 0.020m
Shipping Length 0.020m

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