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THE 'Maxi-Guard' Knee (X-Large) In stock
Product Code: 35MGKN04XLRG



Perfectly shaped soft knee guards with SAS-TEC foam inserts and low-friction Kevlar skins for all day riding. Seriously comfortable and effective protection. t.h.e. Maxi Guards.


Viscoelastic foam insert made by SAS-TEC meets and exceeds European motorcycle safety standard EN 1621-1.



About SAS-TEC Foam





Knee Top Bottom
S 36.0 cm 30.0 cm
14.2 in 11.8 in
M 40.0 cm 34.0 cm
15.7 in 13.4 in
L 44.0 cm 38.0 cm
17.3 in 15.0 in
XL 48.0 cm 42.0 cm
18.9 in 16.5 in
To measure
Above knee Below knee




    Viscoelastic foam with memory effect: After an impact or any kind of deformation the foam (protector) returns to its original shape within shortly.
    Multi impact compliant: Unlike many other dampening materials (such as styrofoam (EPS), silicone or foam of inferior quality) our PU-foam is multi-impact compliant. Thus impacts or high pressure do not destroy the protector even when the same area is affected repeatedly. The protector keeps its full functional capability.
    Excellent residual forces: The CE-approved protectors of SAS-TEC remain up to 50 per cent below the legal values of the norm EN 1621.
    Lightweight: high absorbability despite low density. Hard shell protectors or materials containing silicone are considerably more heavy which reduces the wearing comfort. The density of our SAS-TEC foam is about 280 g/l, hard shells in contrast have an average density of 1050 g/l.
    Adaptive absorption: The air which is embedded in the foam´s cells provoke a progressive absorption. The protector remains soft in case of slowly increasing forces, however when it comes to a fast heavy impact the resistance of the foam grows with increasing speed.
    In impulse responding behaviour: Contrary to hard shell protectors, styrofoam damper or many other dampening materials, SAS-TEC foam reacts promptly and without any time delay even to minor impacts. The energy absorption goes almost linear, which keeps the impact forces to the human body at a low level.
    Environmental compatibility: The raw materials for our foam production are partly made of renewable materials. It is therefore possible to dispose of the protectors with the regular household garbage.
    Long product life: Some manufacturers of body protection only indicate a product life of two to three years for their articles, whereas SAS-TEC foam comes with a life expectancy of ten years.
    Temperature stability: Due to a special mixture SAS-TEC foam resists temperatures of approx. 100°C. Conventional PU-foam is only able to stand temperatures of approx. 60°C without taking damage.
    Comfort: The high flexibility of our foam ensures outstanding comfort.
    Washable (hand wash): The cell structure of our SAS-TEC foam keeps water from entering the material — the water absorption is below one per cent. Therefore hand wash can be recommended without hesitation.