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KINK Vela Tyre Wire Bead 2.10 (Tan Wall) In stock
Product Code: 17TYW210VTAN


Vela 2.1”

  • Colors: All Black, Red Walls, White Walls, Tan Walls
  • Weight: 22.4oz (Wire), 20.1oz (Kevlar)
  • Wire Or Kevlar Bead
  • Use As Front Or Rear
  • 85 To 100PSI
  • Designed with a Smooth Center Tread Line for a Fast Tire
  • Full Micro-Knurling For Extra Traction
  • Super Tough and Lightweight Dual-Ply Casing
  • Fast, Grippy and Forgiving Tire Compound
  • Low Profile Tread Pattern for Fast and Smooth Ride
  • Ideal For Street and Park Riding