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SINZ Pro Sprocket 5mm 42T (Black)
Product Code: 36CRPRO42BLK

CNC Chainwheel

Sinz Pro CNC-machined chainwheels are 5 millimeters thick and designed for extra strength and low weight. They fit 19-millimeter spindles and come in 25-tooth and 38-through 44-tooth sizes in basic black.

Model Part# Weight
25 tooth SPCW-25 55 grams
38 tooth SPCW-38 120 grams
39 tooth SPCW-39 140 grams
40 tooth SPCW-40 145 grams
41 tooth SPCW-41 160 grams
42 tooth SPCW-42 165 grams
43 tooth SPCW-43 170 grams
44 tooth SPCW-44 180 grams